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Stockholm - Isle of Skye 2015

Henriette och Håkan


Skottland Posted on Thu, August 13, 2015 22:35:06

I trip that could have been a disaster is ending. Two people, riding motocycles in the shower could easily spell divorce after a couple of days. However, looking back we don´t really see it like that. Of course it would have been great without all the rain ( or downpour wich is more like it) but…

We had two great weeks together. We met alot of interesting and fun people. We saw alot, even though it was through a grey mist, and we enjoyed the time together.

The sun showed itself a couple of times, for wich we are thankful.
We did not camp as much as we hoped we would, but, enjoying a good B&B with other newly met people from all places of the globe, is always quality time.

We started out in Ellemford yesterday morning( try to find that on a map), worked our way down to Newcastle. We stopped by Hope Island wich has a causeway that is only open when the tide allows it to be. Last passage when we where there was at 11:15am. If you did not make it back, your return trip was not until 4:30pm. Cool and interesting place.

We took the ferry to Amsterdam and then spent the major portion of the day riding on the Dutch and German countryside instead of taking the highways in the Netherlands and Autobahn in Germany. 600K in one stretch of small roads, from Amsterdam to Travemunde, takes time. We made it up to the ferry with 2 hours to spare.

We decided to go straight up to Stockholm this morning and finally arrived at home around 3pm. Long ride again but still, it is great fun to ride with your partner.

Would we do it again? Without a doubt. But we would like to have weather where you could actually see where you are and what your are doing.

Scottish people are among the nicest and kindest persons we have had the great fortune to meet. There is nothing but a sincere smile and urge to help. You very quickly start a sincere conversation. You actually get the feeling that they are very eager to assist and curious to who you are and why you are there. A very positive feeling when thinking about everyone we have met.
Go to Scotland if you haave a chance, it is well worth the trip, if you can stand the quick change and uncertain weather.

Thank´s for reading and following. // H+H

Ellemford / St Abb`s

Skottland Posted on Tue, August 11, 2015 00:16:15

The day started out beautifully, meaning no rain and some sunshine. Henriette did a run and after that and breakfast we did a long walk. Ran across a sheepfarmers couple and learned alot about sheepfarming and also had another piece of evidence that this kind of travelling is what we like. The short stories of life and happenings that you share is truly awesome. When it also comes with three full working sheepdogs, the kindest creatures we have ever met, things comes to full circle.
We did go to the small town of St Abb´s, a great little place wich you normally would not find unless on recomendation (wich we got..). Here you get all seasons in a couple of hours. At 2.30 pm it was pooring outside, at 3pm it ended, at 3:15 we sat on the bike, at 3:30 the sun starated to come out, at 4pm the sun was out, at 4:30pm we enjoyed a coffe/the in blue clear skies and warm weather. That´s Scotland for you!

Heading out tomorrow for Newcastle and the ferry to Amsterdam, then up to northern Germany for the ferry to Sweden.

Even though we have had rain, storm, pooring rain, cold, shit weather, it is also with some sort of sadness we wrap this up. We would be lying if we said that taking a vacation in the shower is something we like, but still it has had it true moments.

No wifi for 48hrs, final update from Stockholm, Thursday.

Beatiful Scotland

Skottland Posted on Sun, August 09, 2015 22:57:55

Today was truly a great vacation day. Started out in Stonehaven, rode down the coast to Edinburgh then out east to where we are tonight, Ellemsford. We decided to pass St Andrews on the way. Turned out in whole to be a beatiful day. We enden up in a B&B in Ellemsford, called the Green Hope. Wonderful place, hosts out of this world and the people you meet at this kind of travelling…!!!
We had dinner with a german woman, married to a spanish guy, living in Itlay, meeting two swedes in Scotland. As this is written we sit in the living room, sharing a whisky, discussing the worlds problems, this is truly travelling. A great day comes to an end, and a new day is around the corner… We will see what it brings.


Skottland Posted on Sun, August 09, 2015 22:26:12

Had a great day in Stonehaven with a long 16K hike along the coastline. Our dinner was most delsicous since it was cooked by me, the writer.. 🙂 When the weather agrees we both enjoy camping, when it does not cooperate it is not as equaly funny. Anyhow, another day in Stonehaven and then on southwards. Aiming for the town of Ellemford ( you wont find it on a map, too small) where we will spend our last 2 nights.

Ellemford we found by looking at the map and see where there is nothing, then go there.

East coast of Scotland

Skottland Posted on Sat, August 08, 2015 00:06:23

Now, there´s more like it! Great day, great weather, everything a vacation should be. Well, you could have temperatures also but you can´t have it all. Had a wondrful ride thruogh the scottish countryside, passing Lect ski area ( yes, scots do ski) and out of the highlands towards the coast. Beautiful ride thorugh some great scenery. Ended up in Stonehaven. Small coastal town where you really see te effect of the tide, with boats ling on their keel. Kind of interestíg to wtch the tide come in.
Tomorrow we found a campsite and will try and make use of the better weather and go hiking.

The Highlands

Skottland Posted on Thu, August 06, 2015 21:25:24

Started out this morning from Isle of Skye. Forecast, no rain. Reality, thick grey clouds with some sun!!!!
Cleared the three days earlier blizzard pass in great weather and things started to look bright. A beautiful day riding through the highlands. The northern route from Skye to Inverness, then back into the highlands and breathtaking landscape. Reminded us both of Montana, Wyoming that we rode a couple of years ago. Along the way you tend to meet people when you stop. A great extra feature of motorcycle travelling. We met a great couple from Portugal today, had a really nice discussion, and we went, to separate places. That´s what make this kind of travelling really rewarding.

Decided not to book anything but to take a small nice village when we passed one. And we did. Sitting in Tomintoul village, the highest situated village in the highlands. Not that the highlands are very high, but still, something needs to be the highest, and we are there. Forecast said maybe rain tonight so we decided to have a roof over our heads. Found Glen Avon Hotel, they asked if we wanted to stay in the hotel or the house. Turned out the house was great and to ourselves. Perfect deal. (However, as we sit in the bar a couple of germans just came in and apperently they opted to stay in the house too….but they got their own room).

Moving on towards the coast, aiming for Stonehaven, if we find a campsite, that is where we will be.

Isle of skye #3, Highland games

Skottland Posted on Wed, August 05, 2015 23:55:58

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain and guess what?… more rain. Highland games was alot of fun and interesting and new. Weather was the same, rain and then some more rain. However, let´s not be all negative, we did have some moments without rain. It is great fun to meet the locals and get there view on things. They have an extremly friendly attidtude wich we both like. We think that the rain is getting a little bit to us, they don´t care. They could not care less. It rains and it is a fact of life. End of story.

After the games we went to Talisker destillery. Of course it was raining so no sightseeing and all tours where fully booked. We tried our best with the girl behind the counter, “it has been raining every day since we got here” etc etc.
Her answer was priceless, “I came in January and it has been raining every day since…”
We bought a bottle of Talisker anyway to bring home. Just to defeat the gods, Håkan has decided to NEVER open the bottle.

Heading for the mainland and the eastcoast tomorrow. We need to get out of this ridiculous weather.

Isle of Skye #2

Skottland Posted on Tue, August 04, 2015 23:10:22

Kylearkin around 11am. Driving 60 k to Ose, close to Dunvegan on the west coast
of Skye, 40 minute ride across the island, piece of cake.

Turns out,there
is a gale force wind warning in effec!

Not only
cold, not only rain, not only pooring rain, now a god damn blizzard!! What more does the all mighty need to throw at
this trip in order for him to understand, we are not quiting or leaving or
stopping. However, when going across the pass to the other side of the island
it almost got the best of us. The wind was so strong that riding the bike was getting dangerous. We where all over
the place and the winds came from all directions. Sidewind or headwind is allright. Wind from
all directions is a bitch! When it is
coming as hard as it did today you start shifting lanes into oncoming
traffic. We managed to get through the
pass in one piece, really out of our comfortzones. Achievement though when
you´ve done it!

Got to our
hut for the night, changed gear, jumped up on one bike and went to the town of
Portree. Great little fishing village, packed with people since the Highland
game are tomorrow. Found out that Talisker distillery is booked, so we will see
how good salespeople we are tomorrow afternoon. Maybe can we talk our way in?

Wind is
howling outside, rain comes and goes, we where hungry and eat our own cooked
food. Tomorrow is hopefully…. Bagpipes, logthrowing, stonelifting, kiltwatching
and maybe a distillery at the end of the day.

Truly an
interesting trip!!

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