Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain and guess what?… more rain. Highland games was alot of fun and interesting and new. Weather was the same, rain and then some more rain. However, let´s not be all negative, we did have some moments without rain. It is great fun to meet the locals and get there view on things. They have an extremly friendly attidtude wich we both like. We think that the rain is getting a little bit to us, they don´t care. They could not care less. It rains and it is a fact of life. End of story.

After the games we went to Talisker destillery. Of course it was raining so no sightseeing and all tours where fully booked. We tried our best with the girl behind the counter, “it has been raining every day since we got here” etc etc.
Her answer was priceless, “I came in January and it has been raining every day since…”
We bought a bottle of Talisker anyway to bring home. Just to defeat the gods, Håkan has decided to NEVER open the bottle.

Heading for the mainland and the eastcoast tomorrow. We need to get out of this ridiculous weather.