I trip that could have been a disaster is ending. Two people, riding motocycles in the shower could easily spell divorce after a couple of days. However, looking back we don´t really see it like that. Of course it would have been great without all the rain ( or downpour wich is more like it) but…

We had two great weeks together. We met alot of interesting and fun people. We saw alot, even though it was through a grey mist, and we enjoyed the time together.

The sun showed itself a couple of times, for wich we are thankful.
We did not camp as much as we hoped we would, but, enjoying a good B&B with other newly met people from all places of the globe, is always quality time.

We started out in Ellemford yesterday morning( try to find that on a map), worked our way down to Newcastle. We stopped by Hope Island wich has a causeway that is only open when the tide allows it to be. Last passage when we where there was at 11:15am. If you did not make it back, your return trip was not until 4:30pm. Cool and interesting place.

We took the ferry to Amsterdam and then spent the major portion of the day riding on the Dutch and German countryside instead of taking the highways in the Netherlands and Autobahn in Germany. 600K in one stretch of small roads, from Amsterdam to Travemunde, takes time. We made it up to the ferry with 2 hours to spare.

We decided to go straight up to Stockholm this morning and finally arrived at home around 3pm. Long ride again but still, it is great fun to ride with your partner.

Would we do it again? Without a doubt. But we would like to have weather where you could actually see where you are and what your are doing.

Scottish people are among the nicest and kindest persons we have had the great fortune to meet. There is nothing but a sincere smile and urge to help. You very quickly start a sincere conversation. You actually get the feeling that they are very eager to assist and curious to who you are and why you are there. A very positive feeling when thinking about everyone we have met.
Go to Scotland if you haave a chance, it is well worth the trip, if you can stand the quick change and uncertain weather.

Thank´s for reading and following. // H+H