The day started out beautifully, meaning no rain and some sunshine. Henriette did a run and after that and breakfast we did a long walk. Ran across a sheepfarmers couple and learned alot about sheepfarming and also had another piece of evidence that this kind of travelling is what we like. The short stories of life and happenings that you share is truly awesome. When it also comes with three full working sheepdogs, the kindest creatures we have ever met, things comes to full circle.
We did go to the small town of St Abb´s, a great little place wich you normally would not find unless on recomendation (wich we got..). Here you get all seasons in a couple of hours. At 2.30 pm it was pooring outside, at 3pm it ended, at 3:15 we sat on the bike, at 3:30 the sun starated to come out, at 4pm the sun was out, at 4:30pm we enjoyed a coffe/the in blue clear skies and warm weather. That´s Scotland for you!

Heading out tomorrow for Newcastle and the ferry to Amsterdam, then up to northern Germany for the ferry to Sweden.

Even though we have had rain, storm, pooring rain, cold, shit weather, it is also with some sort of sadness we wrap this up. We would be lying if we said that taking a vacation in the shower is something we like, but still it has had it true moments.

No wifi for 48hrs, final update from Stockholm, Thursday.