Started out this morning from Isle of Skye. Forecast, no rain. Reality, thick grey clouds with some sun!!!!
Cleared the three days earlier blizzard pass in great weather and things started to look bright. A beautiful day riding through the highlands. The northern route from Skye to Inverness, then back into the highlands and breathtaking landscape. Reminded us both of Montana, Wyoming that we rode a couple of years ago. Along the way you tend to meet people when you stop. A great extra feature of motorcycle travelling. We met a great couple from Portugal today, had a really nice discussion, and we went, to separate places. That´s what make this kind of travelling really rewarding.

Decided not to book anything but to take a small nice village when we passed one. And we did. Sitting in Tomintoul village, the highest situated village in the highlands. Not that the highlands are very high, but still, something needs to be the highest, and we are there. Forecast said maybe rain tonight so we decided to have a roof over our heads. Found Glen Avon Hotel, they asked if we wanted to stay in the hotel or the house. Turned out the house was great and to ourselves. Perfect deal. (However, as we sit in the bar a couple of germans just came in and apperently they opted to stay in the house too….but they got their own room).

Moving on towards the coast, aiming for Stonehaven, if we find a campsite, that is where we will be.