Kylearkin around 11am. Driving 60 k to Ose, close to Dunvegan on the west coast
of Skye, 40 minute ride across the island, piece of cake.

Turns out,there
is a gale force wind warning in effec!

Not only
cold, not only rain, not only pooring rain, now a god damn blizzard!! What more does the all mighty need to throw at
this trip in order for him to understand, we are not quiting or leaving or
stopping. However, when going across the pass to the other side of the island
it almost got the best of us. The wind was so strong that riding the bike was getting dangerous. We where all over
the place and the winds came from all directions. Sidewind or headwind is allright. Wind from
all directions is a bitch! When it is
coming as hard as it did today you start shifting lanes into oncoming
traffic. We managed to get through the
pass in one piece, really out of our comfortzones. Achievement though when
you´ve done it!

Got to our
hut for the night, changed gear, jumped up on one bike and went to the town of
Portree. Great little fishing village, packed with people since the Highland
game are tomorrow. Found out that Talisker distillery is booked, so we will see
how good salespeople we are tomorrow afternoon. Maybe can we talk our way in?

Wind is
howling outside, rain comes and goes, we where hungry and eat our own cooked
food. Tomorrow is hopefully…. Bagpipes, logthrowing, stonelifting, kiltwatching
and maybe a distillery at the end of the day.

Truly an
interesting trip!!