Woke up
this morning, early, to frequent showers and in between, not so frequent
showers. In other words, standard Scottish weather. Managed to pack up our gear
in between showers and got it somewhat dry into our bags. Headed for Isle of
Skye and it was a beautiful scenery. One of the most spectacular pieces of
riding/driving that you can see. Only one problem, in piss-pooring rain it is
hard to see and take it all in. Besides that it was great.

In all honesty,
the day started out allright. Found a
great place for brunch that also had some great friendly Scottish cows.

Took the
road less travelled, a tiny little piece of road that had a meeting place every
100 meters since it was to narrow for two vehicles, even motorcycles. Took the
old ferry, turntable-ferry, the last one still operating, to Skye. Stopped for
the night in Kyleakin.

The day
started in clouds, midday in pooring rain, but hey…. The afternoon/evening was
great. Henriette sat on the bike all day, changed clothes and went out running
when we got to Kyleakin. Håkan decided it was beertime.

the Highland games, in Portree, starts with the bagpipers. That will be fun,
rain or not.