We came off the boat in northern Germany at around 7am. Had almost 600k to Amsterdam and next port for the ferry to Newcastle. Looked forward to booooring transportation riding. Turned out to be nothing of the sort. It came to be an endurance test and a test of why the hell are we doing this on our vacation?? First half was OK, second half was some of the worst riding Håkan had done and by far the worst Henriette had done. Pooring rain, downpour, sideways rain, galeforce winds sideways, cold, wet and we needed to push on, did not have time to stop and wait it out. No fun whatsoever.

Made it to the ferry in Ijmuiden, outside Amsterdam with time to spare. Got on the boat and realized that the pleasent ferryride might not be so pleasant with the wind making whitewater already in port. However, after a beer and some dinner things turned for the better. Early night and had the luxury of sleeping in since we did not dock until 10am.