In 120 AD, emperor Hadrian got tired of the Scotts raiding the province of Britannia and decided to build a wall across England. So he did, and it still stands today. It is very cool to see and to realize that it has been around for 2000 years. So, we like cool things, and we went there, hiked to the higest point, and walked almost 10k along the wall. Walking along the wall, we run in to a guy doing repairwork to the wall. We start up a discussion and find out he has been doing this for 30 some years. In fact that was the only thing he had done. He had lots to tell about the area and the economic importance today for the local business. ithout the wall there would be nothing besides farming here.

Then we found a local pub wich was extremly neat. Not as cool as Hadrian´s but still very neat.

Got off the ferry this morning, did not even get to the passport control, then it starts to rain. Seems like it will be the story of this trip. However, it lightened up and turned out to be a great day with a pint of beer after the wall-hiking-thing.
Cool day wich ended with a B&B at a great location.